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The finance industry’s dirty little secret: what the Net Promoter Score isn’t telling you

Published by Engagement Labs on May 7, 2018
Corporate marketers and insights professionals in the financial services sector are moving rapidly away from opinion surveys to behavioural data in their drive to better understand customers and prospects, and to predict future behaviour. This trend is based on the increasing availability of “big data”, particularly digital behaviour data, as well as the recognition that […]

The most talked about brands—who’s inciting the most jabber?

Published by Engagement Labs on May 2, 2018
  Before consumers buy, they talk. They seek recommendations from friends, co-workers and family about where to shop, what to eat or drink and what shows to watch—and those conversations have a huge impact on the revenue of the brands being discussed. In fact, new research from Engagement Labs finds that these consumer conversations drive 19 percent […]

Female colleagues support Tom Brokaw amid allegations

Published by Engagement Labs on April 30, 2018
Branded Entertainment Network announced record revenue for 1Q18, the strongest quarter in the company’s history. With 1500 brand integrations delivered in the first quarter, the company is on track to deliver more than 6,000 integrations in 2018. Helping BEN’s growth were the additions of Cheerios (General Mills), Greyhound, Suave (Unilever), Pizza Hut, Secret (P&G), and […]

What do Walmart and Fox News have in common?

Published by Engagement Labs on April 24, 2018
When it comes to the most talked about brands, a retail giant and a cable news network are at the top of the pack — offline and online respectively. Walmart grabbed the top spot as the “Most Talked About Brand” offline in an analysis by data and analytics firm Engagement Labs. As the largest brick-and-mortar […]

Study: Walmart Most Talked About Offline Brand

Published by Engagement Labs on April 24, 2018
According to an Engagement Labs study, consumer conversations drive 19% of all consumer sales, which is good news for Walmart. In its recent analysis of more than 500 consumer brands across various categories, Engagement Labs ranked the brands that are the most talked about in consumer conversations, both in person and online. Most Talked About […]

Fox News Tabbed as Brand Most Talked About Online

Published by Engagement Labs on April 24, 2018
Fox News was named The Most Talked About Brand Online by Engagement Labs, which put out their TotalSocial Brand Awards Tuesday. Fox News was the only TV channel among the top three most talked about brands. It was followed by the NBA and the NFL. The most talked about brands offline were Walmart, Coca-Cola and […]

How Consumer Talk Supercharges Advertising

Published by Brad Fay on April 20, 2018
“Advertising is really a conversation-starter,” Audi of America president Scott Keogh told me in 2011 when I was co-writing a book on social influence, The Face-to-Face Book. Keogh’s insight as chief marketing officer has propelled great advertising and dramatic sales growth for the Audi brand. It hasn’t hurt Keogh’s career, either. Many marketers acknowledge advertising’s […]

Which brands have the most talkworthy marketing campaigns?

Published by Engagement Labs on April 13, 2018
At any given moment, consumers are at the receiving end of a number of different marketing and advertising messages across categories and a variety of platforms. With the increased fragmentation of media and the shrinking of consumer attention spans, it is imperative to not only be creative, but to encourage sharing and conversations. New research […]

Study: Pillsbury, Puma top brands for most ‘talkworthy’ marketing

Published by Engagement Labs on April 10, 2018
Dive Brief: Pillsbury was ranked the most “talkworthy” brand online following its 48th Annual Pillsbury Bakeoff, according to the results of Engagement Labs’ Total Social Brand Awards for Brand Sharing made available to Marketing Dive. Pillsbury widely promoted the event, returning last year after a hiatus, on its social media and digital channels. Engagement Labs’ […]

Most ‘Talkworthy’? Online, It’s Pillsbury; On The Street, It’s Puma

Published by Engagement Labs on April 10, 2018
One of the top takeaways from Engagement Labs’ new TotalSocial Brand Awards is that the opinions you see about a brand on social media might be quite different from what’s being said in real life. The first annual Brand Awards, based on analysis of 500 consumer brands, concludes that the “most talkworthy” brands online in […]