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COVID-19 Loses Sway Over Consumer Conversations As Mood Lifts

Published by Engagement Labs on April 20, 2020
  by Rob Williams The coronavirus pandemic has been a major topic for consumers to discuss in their daily conversations, but interest in the health crisis started to wane by mid-April, indicating how people are adapting to the “new normal.” The portion of Americans who said the coronavirus was the “most impactful conversation of the […]

Crystal Light and CVS lead the most successful brands in activating buzz among US consumer influencers

Published by Engagement Labs on April 17, 2020
Tatiana Rokou / 17 Apr 2020  09:31  527 Four airlines made the top 10: Online – Alaska Airlines (#4); Offline: American Airlines (#5), United (#7) and Spirit Airlines (#9).   NEW YORK, NY – Crystal Light, the beverage mix, and CVS, retail pharmacy drugstore, grabbed the top spots of the brands most successful with everyday influencers – CVS for online […]

Creating Consumer Buzz: CVS Leads The Way

Published by Engagement Labs on April 16, 2020
  The TotalSocial Brand Awards series ranking focuses on everyday influencers, who carry strong sway with consumers.   By The Dealerscope Staff   Retail pharmacy drugstore chain CVS and Crystal Light, the beverage mix, grabbed the top spots of the brands most successful with everyday influencers – CVS for online (via social media) and Crystal Light […]
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Consumer conversations reveal big differences in most loved brands online and offline

Published by Engagement Labs on March 20, 2020
  by Richard Carufel | Mar 20, 2020 | Public Relations The digital revolution changed almost everything about marketing and communications strategy, but one highly organic tactic that never seems to fail is word of mouth—get people talking about your brand or product and everyone else seems to want to know more about it. For this reason, marketers are looking to […]

Beauty Brands Dominate Most-Loved Brands Online and Offline

Published by Engagement Labs on March 18, 2020
  By Kelly Kovack Posted March 18, 2020   Word-of-mouth marketing is the holy grail to marketers, and MIT research shows that both online and offline customer conversations drive purchase decisions—but they require separate marketing strategies. According to Engagement Labs data and analytics, 19 percent of all consumer purchases are driven by these kinds of consumer conversations. For the 2019 analysis of […]

‘Frozen 2’ Will Be on Disney+ Just as Employees Start Working From Home

Published by Engagement Labs on March 14, 2020
Ruth Carson March 14, 2020 12:58 AM EDT | Last Updated: March 14, 2020 1:30 PM EDT   … Disney has struggled to find the right programming for Disney+, its most important new business initiative in years. While subscribers of the five-month old streaming service jumped to 28.6 million by early February, it has seen a number of […]

Consumers Reveal Most Loved Brands

Published by Engagement Labs on March 13, 2020
Engagement Lab’s TotalSocial analyzed consumer sentiment data on brands across industries. By Alexandra Pastore on March 13, 2020 19 percent of all consumer purchases are driven by consumer conversation.   Beauty brands took the lead for the most positive online consumer conversations with eight brands from the beauty and personal-care category standing out with high-net sentiment online and offline in TotalSocial’s […]
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Nintendo Switch, American Family ranked ‘most beloved brands’

Published by Engagement Labs on March 12, 2020
  AUTHOR: Dianna Christie | PUBLISHED: March 12, 2020 Dive Brief: Video game console Nintendo Switch is the most loved brand in offline consumer conversations, followed by Gain laundry detergent, according to Engagement Labs’ TotalSocial​ study shared with Marketing Dive. Both labels jumped ahead more than 60 spots since 2018, now ahead of the other 600 brands measured […]
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9 of the Most Loved Brands in Online & Offline Talk

Published by Engagement Labs on March 12, 2020
  Unilever’s Dove Men + Care is the only brand to land to rank as “most loved” both online and offline, based on data collected in Engagement Labs’ TotalSocial list. For the 2019 analysis of more than 600 U.​S. consumer brands across a spectrum of industry sectors and categories, Engagement Labs ranked the most loved […]

Nintendo Switch, American Family ‘Most Loved Brands’

Published by Engagement Labs on March 12, 2020
by Tanya Gazdik Nintendo Switch and American Family are the “most loved brands,” offline and online respectively, based on positive conversations and referrals, according to Engagement Labs. Consumer conversations reveal a big difference in the most-loved brands online versus offline, according to research. Nintendo Switch and Gain laundry detergent zoomed up on the list of brands […]