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Social influence driving beauty brands—who’s building the most buzz?

Published by Engagement Labs on October 31, 2019
  by Richard Carufel | Oct 31, 2019 | Public Relations If you’re not building your brand on social media these days, you’re not doing it right. Industries across the board are having huge success with social and influencer marketing, and beauty and personal care brands are no exception. On the other end of the spectrum, word of mouth remains […]

Ulta Tops Consumer Online and Offline Conversations

Published by Engagement Labs on October 30, 2019
  By Kelly Kovack Posted October 30, 2019 In Insight, Marketing, Trend Research shows that both online and offline customer brand conversations drive purchase decisions, but they require separate marketing strategies. Data and analytics firm Engagement Labs released its TotalSocial ranking report of the top beauty and personal care brands in the US based on social influence. “Leadership in social influence […]

What People Say About Booze Online Differs From What They Say In Real Life, Report Finds

Published by Engagement Labs on October 24, 2019
by J. Bednarski @pjbtweet A new report from Engagement Labs  makes the interesting point that what consumers may say about liquor, wine and beer brands “offline” — that is, in face-to-face conversations — may be very different from what they say on social media sites online. “Indeed, there is reason to believe that for the beverage alcohol […]

Millennials Are Talking About These Brands the Most

Published by Engagement Labs on October 23, 2019
October 23, 2019 … A few brands made some noticeable improvement between 2018 and 2019 in the US, with JP Morgan Chase ranking #1 as the top W-O-M Improver with a score of 56.1 (up from 39.2 last year). The financial services brand is followed by Mattel, which improved by 16.1 points to reach a […]

Ulta Takes Top Spot in ‘Online and Off-line’ Social Engagement

Published by Engagement Labs on October 22, 2019
Engagement Labs’ TotalSocial ranking assessed the top beauty and personal-care brands. By Arthur Zaczkiewicz on October 22, 2019   Ulta, Bath & Body Works and Sephora took the top spots in Engagement Labs’ ranking of the top beauty and personal-care brands in the U.S. The “TotalSocial ranking” by the data and analytics solution provider is based on each […]
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Listen to Your Customer Wherever They Are

Published by Engagement Labs on October 17, 2019
  FEATURE 17 OCTOBER 2019 – this article also appears in Market Research Society’s Impact Magazine Jane Bainbridge Social media means people’s views on brands – from customer service to product design – can be shared in seconds. But marketers must be careful not to assume this is the only valid platform for understanding people’s sentiment.    There’s nothing […]

Teens’ Changing Tastes – And Lower Spending – Drive Retail Innovation

Published by Engagement Labs on October 17, 2019
  By: PYMNTS Posted on October 17, 2019   Teens have been big drivers of commerce for going on a century now, and that’s even more prevalent as marketers find more precise ways to target those young consumers – who, in turn, are experts with their mobile devices. Engagement Labs, the data and analytics company that […]

Joining the dots of online and offline WOM

Published by Engagement Labs on September 12, 2019
    News, 12 September 2019   When it comes to word of mouth, brands have been quick to focus on online engagement via social media and to then assume offline conversations are the same – but research shows brand conversations across different channels have almost no relationship to one another. For a comprehensive view, […]
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Talk Triggers: Using Word-of-Mouth Marketing to Promote Your Self-Storage Facility

Published by Engagement Labs on September 3, 2019
When it comes to word-of-mouth marketing, self-storage operators can’t just stand by and hope people talk about them. Instead, they should develop a “talk trigger” they can share with every customer. Steven Jeffers | Sep 03, 2019   If you’ve ever stayed at a DoubleTree hotel, the warm, gooey cookie handed out during check-in probably stands out […]

There’s Almost No Correlation between Online and Offline Conversations

Published by Engagement Labs on September 3, 2019
  Customer Experience McDonald’s Will Expand Food Delivery Nationwide McDelivery service will no longer be limited to major cities. “McDonald’s deal with DoorDash partnership illustrates how Americans are changing their dining preferences. Millennials, for one, prefer to cook at home or order in, which can save money compared with eating at a restaurant. Offering home delivery may […]