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Quaker Oats and Oreo have the most people talking, new study says

Published by Engagement Labs on September 21, 2017
Dive Brief: In a new analysis of online and offline conversations about food brands released Thursday, Engagement Labs found that Quaker Oats held the top ranking and was the most talked about. Compared to a previous study in March, Kellogg had fallen from No. 1 to No. 8. Betty Crocker jumped four spots to No. […]

Southwest Airlines Ousts JetBlue In Engagement

Published by Engagement Labs on September 20, 2017
Southwest Airlines, which was previously ranked fourth, has ousted JetBlue as the number one airline brand on TotalSocial and pushed JetBlue down to fourth place, according to Engagement Labs. Southwest Airlines increased its TotalSocial performance due to its strength in offline and online sentiment, indicating consumers are talking positively about the company, according to the […]

Dollar General, Kellogg’s extend on-pack literacy stories to social

Published by Engagement Labs on September 19, 2017
Dive Insight: The big takeaway from the campaign is how digital’s influence on shopping marketing continues to spread, impacting cause marketing efforts and dollar stores. For both CPG brands and retailers, their efforts need to have social activations if they are to impact consumers where they are spending much of their time — on social […]

Engagement Labs Vice President Maggie Fosdick talks about ‘Category Crusher’ brands on PurseStrings podcast

Published by Engagement Labs on September 19, 2017
Listen to Engagement Labs Vice President Maggie Fosdick’s interview with Maria Reitan, host of the PurseStrings podcast about TotalSocial and the Lessons from the Leaders of Social influence report. The interview begins at 6:25 in the stream, and continues after the commercial break at 17:55. Listen to the interview here. For more information on TotalSocial™ […]

Southwest Airlines the number one airline brand on TotalSocial

Published by Engagement Labs on September 18, 2017
NEW YORK, NY – The airline industry relies heavily on customer recommendations and reviews. However, due to a series of very public mishaps and renewed demands from the general public for better customer experiences, airline brands have been put under the microscope. For airline marketers, it has never been more imperative to understand the health […]

Millennial Men Are Exerting Greater Influence in the Beauty Market

Published by Engagement Labs on September 13, 2017
A sizable share of Millennial men have a skincare regimen – and many are likely to engage in online and offline conversations to influence others in their beauty product choices, according to a pair of new studies from YouGov and Engagement Labs. The research from YouGov – based off the responses of more than 12,750 […]

Southwest Airlines Flies Highest in Consumer Ratings

Published by Engagement Labs on September 12, 2017
Airlines live and die by word of mouth, research shows. And lately, that word of mouth on social media and offline has been mostly bad — with one bright spot on the horizon, which is Southwest Airlines. The airline ranked No. 1 in a study released today by Engagement Labs. The numbers, tallied under the […]
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Study: Millennial men have growing social influence in beauty and retail

Published by Engagement Labs on September 8, 2017
Brief: Millennial men are now recommending beauty, retail and household products more than other generations and millennial women. A study by social analytics and technology company Engagement Labs made available to Mobile Marketer found that this group is 69% more likely than all men to be influencers in the beauty category and 47% more likely […]

What Millennial Men Want From Retailers Now

Published by Engagement Labs on September 7, 2017
There’s a number of new reports, some released this morning, about the elusive millennial man (ages 20-35) and what motivates him. As millennial men age, their tastes evolve. Millennials are now the largest age cohort in the U.S. population and how they change as they get older has a big impact on American retailers. The […]

Which brands topped the social media Movers and Shakers list in 2017?

Published by Engagement Labs on September 5, 2017
It does seem that new products and those within sectors such as technology that are considered to be the “hottest” are the ones consumers are talking about most. However, this is more of a myth than fact. New York-based data, analytics, and insights company Engagement Labs has identified the top 10 brands that saw the […]