Which OTAs Are Tops on Social? See How They Rank

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—How’s your social media game? Interacting with followers, fans and friends on the various digital platforms can help to drive conversions for travel companies.

With that in mind, Engagement Labs has released its TotalSocial rankings of the most social OTAs. Digging into the data can help marketers further understand what tactics are working and how to convert travelers in the planning-to-book stage.

“We know that about 19% of all consumer purchases are the result of a recommendation or a conversation, so our TotalSocial rankings are important in driving all types of businesses,” said Ed Keller, CEO of Engagement Labs. “With such a high level of competition among today’s travel sites, OTAs definitely depend on personal recommendations. Our data helps capture what consumers are talking about in both their online (social media) and offline (face-to-face) conversations when it comes to travel services, so that OTA marketers can better identify their strengths and areas of improvement when measuring the success of marketing campaigns.”

Read the full HotelBusiness article, here.

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