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Expedia has moved to the top in Engagement Labs’ annual ranking of social interaction, driven by strong word of mouth.

The study was released as online booking platform Hostelworld reported a 6% increase in bookings for the year, and appointed its first “chief customer officer”.

The Engagement Labs’ report saw TripAdvisor fall back from the Expedia, which was previously ranked second, moved into the number one spot in the ranking, passing TripAdvisor. The shift was fuelled by Expedia’s increase in online volume, which meant that consumers were talking more about the OTA in social media conversations.

While Expedia rose to the top of the list, TripAdvisor fell to number two in the ranking, due to a steep decline in its online and offline influence scores. Engagement Labs defined influence as how well the brand connected with the everyday influencers who had the largest social networks in both the offline and online worlds.

Read the full HotelAnalyst article, here.

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