Online and Offline: Consumer Conversation Trends for the Top Online Travel Agents and Other Travel Sites

NEW YORK, NY (January 18, 2017) – It’s no secret that Americans love to travel. In fact, direct spending by resident and international travelers in the U.S. averaged $2.7 billion a day in 2016. With such a large and robust market comes increased competition from a handful of online travel agents and top travel sites that seek to provide travel services to discount-hungry consumers. To help brand marketers for OTAs and other top travel sites better understand what consumers are saying in both their online and offline worlds, Engagement Labs has released its latest TotalSocial® rankings of the top-performing OTA brands in the U.S.

The report looks at how each travel site performed in social conversations over the past six months and compared them to a previous ranking of the top OTA brands in June 2017. According to the analysis, most online travel websites tend to perform better in offline (face-to-face) conversations when compared to online (social media), even though each of these brands operate online. In fact, the only website whose performance runs counter to this rule is Kayak. The Company’s online scores were higher than its offline scores.

The analysis is unique in that it combines offline and online consumer conversations which continuously measures the most important drivers of brand performance in terms of social media and word of mouth conversations.

Read the full Hotel Online article, here.

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