MediaPost- NFL Word-of-Mouth/Social Media conversations plummet

The NFL TV’s ratings weren’t the only data alarmingly down this season for the sports league; its word-of-mouth content among fans was, too.

Interest in the league, as measured by word-of-mouth company Engagement Labs, sank a big 26% since last season -- to 294 million impressions from 396 million the season before.

Engagement Labs word-of-mouth data includes all consumer conversations -- person-to-person conversations, as well as from social media.

The company said 2016 was the lowest fan engagement since the company started tracking NFL. In recent years, high word-of-mouth activity came in the 2011 season (618 million impressions) and the 2014 season (517 million impressions).

All this data arrives as the NFL total viewership regular season TV ratings sank 8% to around 16.5 million Nielsen viewers per game on average.

Looking at specific data, word-of-mouth activity among teens was down a big 44%. Women were down 32% -- worse than men.

Engagement Labs reasons some of this decline was due to the political season. Among those who identified themselves as Democrats, word-of-mouth conversations were down 11%. Independents had a steeper drop, 42%. Republicans word-of-mouth activity was up 2% since last season.

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