Millennial Men: Beauty Influencers

Millennial men are gaining influence in categories many might find surprising. According to a study from Engagement Labs, reported in Mobile Marketer, millennial men are “69% more likely than all men to be influencers in the beauty category, and 47% more likely to be influencers in the retail and apparel categories.”

Millennial men are even talking about companies in these industries more than millennial women. The report says millennial men have about 11.7 daily brand-related conversations, while men ages 40-69 have about half that many (6.5), and millennial women talk about brands 9.9 times a day.

Nor are these conversations limited to traditionally male-oriented products, Mobile Marketer says: Millennial men are talking about things like kids’ clothing.

Read the full SmallBizDaily article, here.

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