Metropolitan Airport News – How Does Livery Happen, The Jetblue Way?

In January of 2004, a young woman who had a record of successes at several well-known magazines, joined JetBlue as a Graphic Designer. During that same period of time, a JetBlue aircraft landed in Fort Lauderdale from JFK with the CEO and founder of the airline, David Neeleman on board. Upon landing, he assisted fellow passengers with their luggage and then began clearing seat backs and picking up trash under the seats. That commitment to service; the rolling up one’s sleeves no matter their title, was a hallmark of this still growing and prospering company. And that culture remains today. The message of friendly service was a key success factor during Neeleman’s tenure, and the visual communication of that message, eventually became the responsibility of the young woman who was hired that day in 2004.

The year 2004 was also the time the aviation community may have begun recognizing that JetBlue was a “keeper”. Open their books and you’ll find it hard to argue with that. While almost everyone else was awash in red ink, JetBlue was in the black. In 2002, the three-year-old airline logged a $55 million profit on revenues of $635 million. The 2003 earnings were expected to rise 42%. Since going public a little over a year, its market cap has grown to $1.7 billion, nearly as large as Delta, United, and American combined. Business is so good that he’s hiring an average of six new employees a day, and that year, he added 12 shiny new Airbus A320s to his current fleet of 41.

Going forward to 2017, the founding executive’s commitment to customer service has been a continuing theme in JetBlue’s corporate culture and is an integral part of their branding strategy. Through 3 CEO’s and a growth of staff from 8,000 in 2003 to over 20,000 in 2017, the message is unchanged.

Read the full Metropolitan Airport News, here.

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