The ‘Superspreaders’ You WANT To Meet



by Ed Keller, Columnist


The global pandemic has justifiably given a bad name to “superspreaders,” the term for those people who tragically and efficiently spread the virus that causes COVID-19. But there’s another type of superspreader that marketers should seek out today: the one in 10 most influential consumers, who are the most efficient for spreading ideas and advice about brands.

As our nation prepares to tackle the next phase of our economic and health care response to the coronavirus, these everyday consumer influencers are ahead of the curve.

These most socially connected people have always had twice as many consumer conversations as the average person, but the gap is growing. The number of consumer conversations among influencers has grown by 16% during the lockdowns, while declining 2% for everyone else. They are exploring and discussing the brands that will be part of their new lifestyle, and then the lifestyles of the nation.

How are they doing it? As always, the vast majority of their conversations happen offline, whether over the backyard fence—with social distance—or through private digital channels such as email and private messages.  During the pandemic they are jumping out ahead of other consumers and now represent 35% of video call conversations, despite being just 9% of the total population, 4x the expected share.

They are outgoing, social people who refuse to be socially disconnected while socially distanced.

Another important characteristic is their embrace of new technologies, and video calls—particularly the meteoric rise of Zoom since the pandemic.



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