Millennials Have Fewer Brand Conversations, Digital Blamed


by Wayne Friedman , April 4, 2019


Declining exposure to TV commercials is having a negative effect on young consumers talking about products and brands, according to a new study.

A study from Engagement Labs, which measures word-of-mouth interactions, says this is increasing due to young consumers cutting the traditional pay TV cord in favor of video streaming services.

Average weekly actual conversations among consumers ages 13-20 have dipped to 94.6 a week in 2018, from 115.2 conversations in 2013. For consumers ages 21-29, conversations are down from 102.3 to 93.2.

Research also points to digital replacing TV as the main platform driving conversations: Television as a percentage of all paid-media driven conversations is down to 31.6% in 2018, from 37.4% in 2013. By contrast, digital media is up 31.8%, from 16.6%.

Among other media, print has declined to 16.8% from 21.7%, while outdoor is at 7.8%, down from 10%, and radio comes in at 6.8%, down from 7.1%.

Overall, there is has been a modest decline when looking at all consumer-related conversations -- dipping to an average of 73 conversations a week last year, from 76 in 2013.


Read the full MediaPost article, here.

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