COVID-19 Loses Sway Over Consumer Conversations As Mood Lifts



by Rob Williams

The coronavirus pandemic has been a major topic for consumers to discuss in their daily conversations, but interest in the health crisis started to wane by mid-April, indicating how people are adapting to the "new normal."

The portion of Americans who said the coronavirus was the "most impactful conversation of the day" fell to 39% during the week ended April 12 from a high of 53% three weeks earlier, when state and local authorities started lockdowns to suppress the infection rate, according to a tracking survey of 36,000 U.S. consumers by Engagement Labs.

The conversations about coronavirus generally have left people feeling sad (36%) and contemplative (19%) in the most recent survey, while feelings of nervousness continue to decline steadily.

"The overall emotion of the most impactful conversations of the day remains first and foremost one of sadness, but that percentage has plateaued and is beginning to decline," according to the report.

Those discussions about the coronavirus pandemic have been replaced with other topics among some consumers. The most common impactful conversations are about family and friends (13%), financial or work-related matters (10%) or shopping and people's needs (6%). These conversations tend to be described as happy, contrasting with feelings of sadness a few weeks ago.

Among conversations about brand categories, consumers increased their discussions of household, products, healthcare, beauty and personal care, media and entertainment and children’s products the most between a three-week study ended on Feb. 16 and a separate one ended on April 12, according to Engagement Labs.



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