The Buzz Surrounding Joe For President (No, Not That Joe)



by Joe Mandese  @mp_joemandese, January 16, 2020


Earlier this week, as I was preparing for an interview with Republican presidential candidate Joe Walsh, I received some interesting data showing how the leading Democratic candidates were trending -- not in the polls, on social media, or in media spin, but in terms of word-of-mouth. You know, actual American voters talking about them.

The data was based on a survey of registered Democratic voters conducted by Engagement Labs and showed conversations about Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Mike Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang, and Amy Klobuchar were rising vs. a similar poll it conducted in December.

Since I was about to interview Walsh, I asked if they had conducted similar research about the word-of-mouth of the Republican candidates for President -- Walsh, Bill Weld, and the incumbent President -- and they said they had not. So I decided to field some myself, thanks to our consumer polling partner Pollfish.

Replicating the Engagement Labs method as closely as I could -- using the same sample base (1,952 respondents), but interviewing only registered Republican voters, we found two significant things:

One, which should be obvious to any political media observer, is how much of a dominant position the President enjoys in terms of organic buzz from word-of-mouth conversations about him vs. other candidates.



Read the full MediaPost article, here.

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