Engagement Labs Inks Multi-Year Deal with Kantar’s Analytics Practice in UK, Unit of WPP

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Kantar Taps Engagement Labs as Partner to Bring Innovative Social Intelligence and Analytics to UK Marketplace


Engagement Labs Inc., the industry-leading data and analytics firm that specializes in social intelligence for leading brands and companies, has announced a new partnership with Kantar Analytics Practice, a unit of WPP, the £15 billion British advertising and public relations conglomerate. The partnership includes a multi-year licensing agreement for the exclusive rights to sell Engagement Labs’ TotalSocial platform in the United Kingdom. Through these initiatives, Engagement Labs will look to grow the Kantar partnership, as well as to explore additional corporate developments deals in other geographies in the coming months. These deals are part of the overall growth strategy of the company to accelerate its client base and revenues. Kantar announced of the partnership earlier today.


Beyond the TotalSocial license agreement, Kantar and Engagement Labs will also work together to create advanced analytics that will be part of Kantar’s growing AI toolkit (known as STAN) to help brands understand how best to maximize the impact of their marketing spend.  Additionally, Kantar plans to use TotalSocial data for digital targeting of consumers who are most likely to be engaged in conversation about brands or public issues.


The Kantar Group within WPP is the second-largest data, insight, and consultancy company in the world, after Nielsen. The company employs 30,000 people and works for over half of the Fortune 500 companies, in 100 countries around the world.  Kantar entered into the partnership with Engagement Labs based on a thorough assessment of TotalSocial and found it to be the most innovative and highly differentiated platform in the marketplace.


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