Arby’s offers free brand-inspired tattoos in ‘sandwiches for life’ promo

Marketing Dive

PUBLISHED: Sept. 18, 2018

Dive Insight:

By billing its new campaign as giving consumers “sandwiches for life,” but in the form of branded tattoos rather than a lifetime supply of sandwiches, Arby's is attempting to drum up social media traffic and media attention around the quirky event. Arby’s is also hoping to build brand awareness with younger consumers, who appreciate authentic, interactive brand experiences and also tend to be fans of tattoos and piercings.

Arby’s recently revamped its marketing strategy, and was recently listed as one of the most “talkworthy” brands online in Engagement Labs’ Total Brand Awards for Brand Sharing for its ability to target niche audiences with its gaming-focused social media posts. The chain merged with Buffalo Wild Wings earlier this year to form Inspired Brands.

The tattoo-centric event follows another recent marketing stunt by Arby’s to set Guinness World Records for the largest and smallest ads. The fast food chain launched the campaign in June to promote its switch to serving Coke products at its restaurants.


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