What Are Today’s Teens Talking About? 5 Insights


September 12, 2018

Online and offline conversations are estimated to drive almost one-fifth of consumer sales in the US. So as marketers turn their attention to Gen Z, it pays to know what they’re talking about, especially as a new report from Engagement Labs [download page] reveals that they have 35% more product conversations daily than adults ages 21 and older (13.4 vs. 9.9).

Here are 5 insights from the study, which defines teens/Gen Z as people ages 13-20.

1. Teen Tech Talk Shifts to Popular Services and Device

Compared to 2013, fewer teens are talking about less-portable brands, such as Toshiba, Microsoft and Asus. Interestingly, despite the continued popularity of gaming as a leisure activity among youth, teens are also talking less about Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStations, perhaps reflecting the rise to prominence of mobile gaming platforms.

Popular services and devices are instead capturing the attention of today’s teens enough to warrant a conversation. More than twice as many talk about Amazon (+127%) and Facebook (+115%) as did 5 years ago, though the conversation about Facebook may not be all positive. (One in 3 teens thinks Facebook is for “old people.”)

Meanwhile, more teens are also talking now about brands including the iPhone, iTunes, Google, and Android, reinforcing the importance of mobile devices in their day-to-day lives.


Read the full MarketingCharts article, here.

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