Millennials Are Talking About These Brands the Most


October 23, 2019


A few brands made some noticeable improvement between 2018 and 2019 in the US, with JP Morgan Chase ranking #1 as the top W-O-M Improver with a score of 56.1 (up from 39.2 last year). The financial services brand is followed by Mattel, which improved by 16.1 points to reach a score of 50.7 this year. Mitsubishi (up 15.1 points), Utz (up 14.2 points) and Patron (up 14 points) round out the top 5 W-O-M Improvers.


Top Global W-O-M Brands

Per YouGov’s global rankings, Facebook was the clear leader for Millennials’ W-O-M, leading in 20 markets. Instagram placed high in 14 markets while WhatsApp and YouTube were in the top 10 in 13 and 12 markets, respectively.

While #1 in the US, Netflix made the top 10 in 17 markets. Another streaming contender, Spotify, was in the top 10 in 9 markets, though it didn’t crack the list in the US.

Conversations About Brands Differ Online and Offline

Separately, research from Engagement Labs indicates that social listening may not be enough to determine word-of-mouth sentiment about brands. In measuring online and offline conversations about brands for a recent study, Engagement Labs found that there is virtually no correlation at all in net sentiment, noting that “online and offline discussions are two entirely different conversations, generally unrelated to each other.” This means that by limiting analysis to social listening, brands may be missing out on key data to inform marketing strategies.

The full research is available for download here.


Read the full MarketingCharts article, here.

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