MarketingCharts Data Hub: Coronavirus and Marketing [Updated]



August 3, 2020

Let’s take an updated look at how marketers and consumers are dealing with this crisis. The below is a curated list of data that we’ve gathered in recent weeks, but with news about the global spread of the coronavirus and its effects on consumers and businesses changing daily, this data will continue to evolve over time.

Stay safe out there readers, and please respect all local rules and regulations.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the data that has come in since the last update:



  • In light of restrictions and quarantine measures hindering travel in the US, many Americans appear to be embracing the great outdoors. Recent data from Comscore shows that weekly visits to Sports & Outdoor retail sites saw considerable y-o-y growth in April (71%) and May (86%). Source: Comscore.
  • Although the pandemic has led to a great deal of uncertainty, consumers are still shopping, and advertising is still a driver in purchase decisions. More than one-third (36%) of US consumers surveyed report they have made an impulse buy based on an ad since the start of the pandemic. Advertising isn’t the only driver – they still like a good deal, with some 76% reporting that they have discovered new products based on deals they have received from brands. Source: Valassis.
  • During the pandemic, more than half (53%) of American consumers say they have purchased brands they would not normally purchase. But that’s not to say that this behavior will stick post-COVID-19, with about three-quarters (77%) claiming they will return to their favorite brands at that time. Source: MRI-Simmons.
  • Media & Entertainment brands have driven offline conversations since the pandemic began. Indeed, Engagement Labs’ data finds that in the 12 weeks ending July 12, 2020, Netflix saw a striking 75% y-o-y growth in real-life conversations. Amazon, Disney+, CNN, Hulu and Amazon Prime also topped the list of offline conversations. Source: Engagement Labs.
  • Looking ahead, many US adults say they will spend less time watching pay-TV programs (41%) after COVID-19. That said, pluralities believe their consumption of pay-TV programs (44%) and watching movies (53%) or series (54%) on streaming services will remain the same even after the pandemic has passed. Source: Ipsos.
  • US kids (ages 4-15) are spending an average of 95 minutes per day with TikTok since the beginning of the pandemic, compared to the 82 minutes spent with the app in February 2020. Read more here.



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