Subaru extends new ads with tie-ins for popular TV shows

Marketing Dive

AUTHOR: Erica Sweeney | PUBLISHED: Feb. 19, 2019


Subaru is also the latest auto brand to embrace higher-quality product placements and in-show partnerships, with its integration with the CBS, TBS and TNT shows. In another example, Range Rover recently teamed up with Hulu on a futuristic car that appears in the streaming platform’s series "The First."

As the demand for higher-value brand integrations is growing, the product placement market in the U.S. was expected to reach $10 billion in 2018, according to a PQ Media report. The value of product placements increased 13.7% to $8.78 billion in 2017, and the growth is being driven by the rise in over-the-top TV viewership with brands looking for ways to reach viewers on the platforms, which don't always accept traditional advertising. Network TV was expected to account for 70% of product placements.

Focusing on nontraditional marketing tactics has been a successful strategy for Subaru. The brand saw a 17% month-over-month increase in site traffic, with more than 55% coming from mobile devices, after running highly targeted ads on mobile-friendly sites like Amazon, Car Gurus and The Washington Post during NFL games in October 2017, according to Gartner L2.

These interactive, digital-first efforts helped Subaru become one of the top automotive brands in social influence, encompassing a brand's performance in online and offline conversations. Subaru jumped eight spots to the No. 5 spot in Engagement Labs' TotalSocial report released in July 2018.


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