Digital advertising drives more awareness than paid social: report

Luxury Daily

December 15, 2021 | By KATIE TAMOLA

Digital display advertising continues to go a long way in terms of driving brand awareness, according to a new study from Engagement Labs.

The study, commissioned by G/O Media, focusing on tech and beverage brands, found that digital advertising surpassed paid social advertising on Facebook in terms of conversions. The contribution from digital advertising to the average tech brand's offline conversations is 15.8 percent vs 3.3 percent for paid social on Facebook.

"A key trend that we're seeing in our data, that looks at both offline and online conversation, is the increasing ability of online content from brands to drive offline conversations," said Ed Keller, CEO of Engagement Labs. " Consumers have interactions with branded content online including digital and paid social ads and these interactions impact their online posts about the brands."

The analysis is based on syndicated online and offline consumer conversation tracking from Engagement Labs over the period from January 2018 May 2021, with media expenditure data that Engagement Labs procured from Kantar Media.

Driving social influence
The findings reflect that digital display advertising, a combination of texts, images and URLs, has a greater ability to drive people to share online and talk offline versus paid social ads. The average tech brand online saw an 8.3 contribution from digital, a sizeable difference from the 1.9 percent contribution they received from paid social.


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