There’s Almost No Correlation between Online and Offline Conversations



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McDonald’s Will Expand Food Delivery Nationwide
McDelivery service will no longer be limited to major cities. “McDonald’s deal with DoorDash partnership illustrates how Americans are changing their dining preferences. Millennials, for one, prefer to cook at home or order in, which can save money compared with eating at a restaurant. Offering home delivery may help McDonald’s target those younger consumers who want quarter pounders delivered to their doorstep.”

There’s Almost No Correlation between Online and Offline Conversations
New research shows that what consumers are saying online isn’t indicative of what they’re saying offline. “The general proposition here is that ‘monitoring social media cannot reveal what is happening in terms of offline conversations.’ This may sound counter-intuitive because ‘everyone’s online except people over 65, right?’ But this is what Engagement Labs’ data show. It’s also what location intelligence company Gravy has shown in other contexts.”

Walmart and Nordstrom Are Building Stores That Don’t Sell Anything
The two retailers “are creating small hubs in big cities and dense suburban areas for shoppers to retrieve their online grocery and clothing orders. These new locations give them access to shoppers who want their stuff in a hurry without schlepping out to regular big-box stores or waiting around for home delivery.”


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