It’s Time to Solve Influencer Marketing’s Problems

Successful influencer marketing is all about credibility and trust. So it’s ironic that the category is suffering its own integrity issues.

The promise of influencer marketing—especially in the era of social media—is its ability to scale the kind of authentic influence people experience offline. These are the trusted conversations and recommendations that occur between people. You know, word-of-mouth. That’s why a decade ago, Mark Zuckerberg, describing the potential of Facebook, called a trusted referral “the holy grail of advertising.”

Today, influencer marketing is a paid reach vehicle. It’s seen as a way to get celebrities and other tastemakers to endorse a product on their various social feeds. Done transparently—something that doesn’t always occur—that’s a solid strategy for building awareness. But it misses out on impacting both consideration and intent (the other key parts of the purchase funnel). And it’s not really the way influencer marketing should work.

Everyone knows this, but what many marketers might not know is how this change happened. And that there’s still time to fix it.

Read the full Adweek article, here.

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