Allstate, GEICO had most ‘talkworthy’ advertising in 2018 – study

Insurance Business America


by Ryan Smith 02 May 2019


Allstate and GEICO produced the most “talkworthy” marketing in 2018, according to a report by analytics firm Engagement Labs.

When consumers are making buying decisions, they talk with family, friends and coworkers. These conversations drive an estimated 19% of purchases, according to Engagement Labs.

“One of the best ways for brands to increase their revenues is to create marketing and advertising that stimulate conversations, whether they happen in offline, face-to-face conversation or via online social media,” Engagement Labs said in a news release.

Engagement labs analyzed nearly 500 consumer brands from a wide variety of industries to determine the most effective marketing campaigns. According to the firm’s report, Allstate had the most talkworthy offline marketing in 2018, followed by GEICO. Financial advisory firm TD Ameritrade rounded out the top three.

Allstate increased its marketing investment in 2018, pushing its long-running “Are you in good hands?” advertising, starring actor Dennis Haysbert, and its edgier “mayhem” ads starring Dean Winters.


Read the full Insurance Business America article, here.

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