Survey: Listeners Trust In Radio Has Grown While Social Media Trust Has Declined

A new survey of radio listeners finds their trust in radio and its personalities continues to grow as social media has become far less trustworthy during the past year. Conducted by data and analytics firm Engagement Labs and commissioned by iHeartMedia, the study shows listeners ages 18-69 place higher trust in radio than in television or social media and that 79% of respondents said radio is more or just as trustworthy compared to a year ago while social media is 50% less trustworthy during the same time period.

The study, released ahead of the ANA State Of Audio Today virtual half-day conference, found that sentiment for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has plummeted in recent months among radio listeners, with Facebook down 56%, Instagram down 38% and Twitter down 140%.

Among radio listeners 18-69, the survey found 75% trust radio, 66% trust television, 57% trust websites, 38% trust Twitter and 37% trust Facebook.

According to a press release summarizing the study, respondents said listening to radio and its on-air personalities helps them feel less isolated and more connected to their community, especially with the current social distancing guidelines.


Read the full Inside Radio article, here.

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