How To Engage The Millennial Market? Engage Young Men

What’s the best way to build influence among the Millennial generation? Engage young men. In a surprising twist, Millennial men are 50% more likely than the women of their generation to drive brand conversations, and not just in a few select categories. They’re emerging as key consumer influencers across the board, from sports and auto to travel and children’s products.

Most surprisingly, young men are now more influential in several categories that women have long dominated. In our new research, we uncovered some unexpected facts that illustrate just how much Millennial men are breaking away from gender stereotypes.

Millennial men have 12 brand conversations a day – 20% more than their female peers.

At 14%, more of them qualified as key influencers, which we define as people with large real-world social networks and who frequently give advice about dozens of leading products and services, than any other age group of men, and they are nearly tied with teenage and early 20s women for social influence. Another indicator of Millennial men’s influence is that they discuss brands in 12 conversations each day, compared to their female peers, who have 10 brand conversations during an average day. It’s also more than older men, who average seven brand-related conversations a day.

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