Hotel News Now – Why some social platforms aren’t worth hoteliers’ time

July 22, 2016
by Bryan Wroten, Hotel News Now

GLOBAL REPORT—Producing content for social media is an investment for hotel companies.

Each channel takes up time, resources and money, so hoteliers have to make sure they’re not focusing their efforts on platforms that won’t realize returns, said Bryan Segal, CEO at Engagement Labs.

With even short videos requiring significant time to shoot and edit, Segal warns that advertising becomes fragmented with too many platforms.

“Most brands don’t advertise on ABC, NBC, CBS and every specialty channel and every magazine,” he said. “You pick what best fits your target.”

Brands look into how many users engage on the various platforms and for how long, he said. If one doesn’t align with other channels, he said, they might have to switch it up.

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