Hotel News Now – Who’s winning the social media engagement game

March 18, 2016
by Samantha Worgull, Hotel News Now

When you have five hours to kill at the San Francisco International Airport, you start to ponder unthinkable things. Like hey, maybe I’ll finally buy that book on meditation and learn it while I sit here.

Yeah right. No sense of relaxation at that airport.

What I did find myself doing is hopping back and forth between my three most frequently used apps on my smartphone: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

After the fourth time I opened my Instagram app, I saw an advertisement for Hilton Hotels. And that wasn’t the first time I’ve seen a hotel company marketing itself on the image-sharing network. As I sat at the airport eating one of the best burgers I’ve ever had in my life (shout out to Union Street Gastropub), I started contemplating the state of social media marketing overall as it relates to hotels.

Quick refresher: I spend a large portion of my daily duties managing Hotel News Now’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, in addition to Instagram and LinkedIn (although those two on a more irregular basis).

As you can suspect, I’m always watching what hotel marketers are doing on the channels. But I’m always taken by surprise when a social media ranking study lands on my desk (OK, in my inbox. No one delivers paper reports anymore.).

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