Hotel News Now- Social Media Q&A: Thinking Beyond The Platform

In Hotel News Now’s final piece of content from “The State of Social Media” special report, Engagement Labs Chief Research Officer Brad Fay discusses the common requirement for any kind of social marketing success—knowing your audience.

By Sean McCracken

TORONTO—With so many different platforms and choices, it can be difficult for hoteliers to know where to put their finite time and resources in order to best reach their intended audience.

To that end, Brad Fay, chief research officer for Engagement Labs, shared some tips with Hotel News Now on how hoteliers should approach social media campaigns and what goes into finding the best medium for your hotel or brand’s message.

HNN: What is important in picking a platform?

Fay: “Thinking ‘beyond the platform’ is key in achieving social marketing goals. That’s because social media channels house only part of the conversation. In fact, real-life consumer conversation is a key driver of marketing (return on investment), as it accounts for two-thirds of the sales impact. Therefore, the process of selecting social media platforms should be secondary to the broader goals for the campaign.”

HNN: What does knowing your audience unlock?

Fay: “For starters, companies should first identify the type of audience they want to reach. From there, depending on social media goals, a decision can be made about which platform will best reach the target audience. Once there’s alignment between the platform and the audience, the content will resonate better when shared.

“The key to properly leveraging any social media platform is by understanding the capabilities of the specific platform, the audience engaging with that platform and making sure to leverage the right type of content that will best resonate with the targeted audience. Overall, the best strategy is to focus on influencing face-to-face conversations.”

Read the full Q&A here.

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