Beauty and Personal Care Brands Dominate in Engagement Labs’ Fifth Annual Ranking of America’s ‘Most Loved’ Brands

The most positive offline and online conversations with top rankers include Dove, Mary Kay, Clean and Clear and Clinique.

Beauty and personal care brands have dominated Engagement Labs’ fifth annual ranking of America’s most loved brands. The most positive offline and online conversations with top rankers include Dove, Mary Kay, Clean and Clear and Clinique.
The analysis ranks the most-loved brands based on net positive conversations happening online via social media and offline via face-to-face conversations as well as phone, emailing, texting, IM’ing, video chat— in other words, via any channel other than posting on social media—to determine its annual TotalSocial Brand Awards winners.
“This year’s TotalSocial Most Loved Brands exhibit the vital consumer emotional connection with brands and demonstrates how the brand marketers have built and found opportunities even during the past two years of pandemic,” said Steven Brown, president of Engagement Labs. “Brand love has been a major part of our work with Fortune 500 brands and continues to be a focus in 2022.”
The beauty and personal care category stood out for high net sentiment offline and online, winning a total of eight spots for positive conversations: Dove Men+Care, Dove, Gillette, and Nivea for offline conversation, while Lush, Mary Kay, Clean & Clear, and Clinique garnered top spots for online.
Gillette’s improvement in offline brand love grew the most last year than any other top 10 brand with a +68 in rank change. Gillette has not been shy of the weighing in real-world conversations in social issues with ads such as toxic masculinity, which demonstrates that when it comes to offline, its positive word-of-mouth rise above and resonates to consumers.

Read the full Happi Magazine article, here.

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