Behold: These Are Generation Z’s Favorite Brands




The Pepsi Generation has been firmly supplanted by Generation Z.

A study by Engagement Labs of the brands that most resonate with people born in the mid-1990s finds that tech companies are red hot.

Cola companies—both Coke and Pepsi—are on the list of brands generation the most buzz with Generation Z, but as younger Americans become more health conscious, their influence is dwindling. Since 2013, the percentage of Generation Z that talks about Pepsi on an average day has fallen 49%. Coke is down 21% in that same time period.

The iPhone is generating the most buzz with the group, says Engagement Labs. Apple gets a separate ranking and comes in at number two.

Coke is the third most popular brand, followed by Samsung, Nike, McDonald’s and Walmart.

Pepsi is ranked eighth.

The rankings are based on number of teenagers who speak about the brand on an average day. The group spoke with more than 6.700 teens over a one year period. Overall, says Engagement Labs, the findings show that Gen Z is drawn to things that bring it together, specifically tech and foods.


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