Fox News Wants Trump On The Debate Stage To Boost Interest



Advertisers: Even with his legal woes, any debate with Donald Trump will fuel greater interest, stronger ratings and higher ad revenue. Although in a polarizing political climate, marketers have been walking a bipartisan tightrope hoping not to alienate any consumers.

Among the prominent brands that have been caught in the culture wars crossfire include Anheuser Busch-InBev. Earlier this year, AB-InBev had used transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, in a Bud Light contest on Instagram leading to a boycott. Additionally, Disney has been called a “woke corporation” by Republican candidate Ron DeSantis for promoting sexual content and defending their LGBQT+ employees. Other marketers embroiled in a political backlash this year include Target, M&M’s among others.

A recent report from Engagement Labs called “Brand Marketing Amid Political Polarization” found 23% of major brands are polarized between Republicans and Democrats. Steven M. Brown, president of Engagement Labs says, “In today's consumer landscape, understanding the impact of political polarization on consumer conversations is paramount for Fortune 500 brands. Our report delivers crucial insights for brands and marketers regarding the key differences in the conversations between political affiliation for major brands. This will empower them to navigate this complex environment and make more informed decisions. Ultimately, we want to equip brands with the data and knowledge they need to better understand their consumers and build authentic connections with diverse audiences that drive success in an ever-changing world.”



Read the full Forbes article, here.

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