Nike’s Winning the Word-of-Mouth War With Teens, While Converse and Reebok Decline

Footwear News

By Hilary George-Parkin

If brands want to win over teens, they have to give them something to talk about — and Nike is doing just that.

According to new research from Engagement Labs, a data and analytics firm that focuses on conversations about brands, 11.2 percent of shoppers between the ages of 13 and 20 talk about the sportswear giant on an average day, up 34 percent from 2013. This vaults Nike into the top five most-discussed brands among teens, behind only Apple brands, Coca-Cola and Samsung.

Over the course of 12 months, researchers surveyed 6,736 Gen Z consumers about their offline conversations, and compared the results to a similar data set from five years ago, as well as to consumers aged 21 and up. They found that teens are far more social overall (perhaps unsurprisingly, if you remember high school), and spend a good deal of their social time talking about products and services. In fact, members of the under-21 set have an average of 13.4 of these conversations, compared to 9.9 for people 21 and older.


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