Converse Is Ready to Rebound After a Streak of Struggles

Footwear News

By Peter Verry

September 26, 2018

Converse has experienced its share of struggles over the past two years — particularly in 2016 when canvas footwear trends lost favor among retro-hungry teens — but industry insiders think the brand can bounce back.

Sales for the label dipped more than 20 percent stateside in August, according to senior sports industry advisor Matt Powell of The NPD Group Inc. Also last month, a report from data and analytics firm Engagement Labs stated Converse fell 18 percent in terms of teens that said they talked about the brand each day.

And to end 2017, the brand reported a Q4 sales decline of 14 percent year-over-year.

But a rebound is possible, and Powell believes it starts with becoming less reliant the Chuck Taylor.

“I think there are alternatives to it now. I don’t know if people are bored with that shoe, but there certainly are a lot of great alternatives that are new and fresh,” he explained. “When their core product hasn’t changed, I think it puts them at a competitive disadvantage.”


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