Digiday – In the age of the algorithm, top Instagram brand Valentino needs to rethink its strategy

March 29, 2016
by Hilary Milnes, Digiday

Italian fashion house Valentino has put a lot of muscle behind its Instagram account in the past year. And the effort has paid off. Valentino posts more frequently than any other brand, sees more engagement from followers and responds to commenters at a more consistent rate than other high-end brands. As a result, Valentino has earned the spot as the top performing luxury brand on the platform.

“The brand has done an extremely good job combining high quality, professional product images, celebrity content and user generated content from influencers,” said Bryan Segal, CEO of social technology company Engagement Labs, which ranked Valentino as the best luxury brand on Instagram in a recent study. “What they do works for today’s Instagram and hits the needle for the chronological feed.”

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