The Nation’s Most Loved Social Brands Revealed Through Consumer Conversations

Customer Think


American Family tops the list of most loved brands being talked about during online conversations. AmFam continues its #DreamFearlessly marketing campaign that goes beyond TV commercials, but in real lives: from high school sports sponsorships, fan vote contests, scholarship programs to regional “Big Dream” gatherings. While, Clean & Clear ranked second for its high sentiment in online conversations by reaching out to Gen Z’s through real stories from teenage nanoinfluencer endorsements with their newline product line C&C. Mary Kay, which ranked third for online conversations, incentivizes top sales representatives by awarding Mini Coopers and being one of the best employers for diversity. The brand has been able to create a positive brand experience that consumers are eager to talk about with friends and family, both offline and online.

“Becoming a beloved and enthusiastically recommended brand involves connecting with consumers through purpose-driven storytelling, delivering great experiences, and refreshing the connection through innovative marketing and advertising,” said Ed Keller, CEO of Engagement Labs. “While more than half of the top most loved brands are also the largest advertisers in the nation, companies achieve most loved status in a wide variety of ways.”

The beauty and personal care category stood out for high net sentiment online, winning seven of the top 10 spots for positive online conversations, and one of 10 (L’Oréal) for offline conversation.

Mr. Keller explains, “The beauty and personal care category benefits from its intimate connection to consumers—it’s a product you put on your skin, to deliver a healthier, more attractive appearance. Brands that deliver become beloved, generating very positive recommendations.


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