Contently – 3 Beer Brands Brewing Great Social Media Campaigns

June 6, 2016
by Tessa Wegert, Contently

Every Tuesday, the two-person social media team at Colorado-based New Belgium Brewing Company sits down to review last week’s social media analytics and determine what to put on the calendar for the week to come.

They cover a lot of ground. New content might take the form of a beer cocktail recipe on the blog, a Twitter poll, an animated GIF, or a video highlighting its 25th anniversary “Collabeeration pack.” Everything is created in-house, and the duo has begun creating exclusive “beer geek” content on emerging platforms like Snapchat, Periscope, and Facebook Live.

If you’re a beer brand, you can get consumer attention in a couple of different ways. One option could be a stunt like temporarily change your name to “America,” as Anheuser-Busch is doing with Budweiser this summer. Or you can brew up a social media campaign with a flavor that’s as unique as your beer.

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