Coca-Cola Takes Top Spot, Pepsi Falls Behind In TotalSocial Rankings

Engagement Labs, a data and technology solutions provider, has released its TotalSocial rankings of the top-performing non-alcoholic beverage brands in the U.S. with respect to consumer conversations. The report is intended to “help brand marketers better understand the consumer conversations taking place about today’s top beverage brands both online and offline,” the company says. It looks at how each brand has performed socially over the past six months and compares those results to Engagement Labs’ May 2017 ranking. The analysis, which combines offline (face-to-face) and online (social media) consumer conversations, is based on Engagement Labs’ proprietary TotalSocial data, which continuously measures the most important drivers of brand performance in terms of social media and word-of-mouth conversations.

According to Engagement Labs’ data, strong offline influence scores helped Coca-Cola jump to the top spot, indicating there is an influential audience advocating on behalf of the brand. Coca-Cola also has been evolving its portfolio of product offerings this year in an effort to better align with consumers’ concerns about sugar and empty calories—which is paying off by sparking conversations with everyday influencers who are taking notice, says Engagement Labs.

“Coca-Cola has climbed up to the number one spot, while its rival, Pepsi, was pushed out of the top ten altogether. Pepsi, which was previously ranked at seven, dropped to 11 due to a decline in its offline and online sentiment scores,” said Ed Keller, Engagement Labs CEO. “For example, even though Pepsi’s controversial ad with Kendall Jenner launched in April, it continued to stir negative consumer conversations months after.”

Read the full Shelby Report article here.

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