CNET – Donald Trump is an antisocial social media god

January 29, 2016
by Carrie Milhalcik, CNET

Donald Trump Campaigns in New Hampshire
We'll find out soon if Donald Trump's social media windfall trumps his absence at the Republican debate.
Porter Gifford/Corbis

Candidates who participated in the Republican debate didn't get as much attention as the candidate who snubbed the event.

Donald Trump snubbed an invitation to Thursday night's Republican presidential debate. The unsociable act only won him more friends.

The real-estate magnate and tonsorial innovator grabbed 38 percent of debate mentions on Twitter, according to data from the social network. Even though he wasn't on the stage in Des Moines, Iowa, the GOP front-runner grabbed more attention than any of the seven Republican hopefuls who attended the event.

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