CNBC – McDonald’s lands top spot in new fast food list

October 21, 2015
by Katie Little, CNBC

McDonald's Egg McMuffin
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Fast food giving people something to talk about

When it comes to buzz, food reigns supreme.

"Out of everything we cover, food and dining are the most talked-about things—even more than media and entertainment," said Ed Keller, president at Engagement Labs and CEO of The Keller Fay Group.

The Keller Fay Group recently polled people to gauge fast food's top restaurants for word of mouth. The research and analytics firm asked 17,863 Americans to record which fast food chains they spoke about that day. They then used this national cross section to estimate the average number of total offline impressions per month.

About 30 percent of people polled daily had at least one conversation about fast food on the days they were polled.

Keller stressed the importance of in-person conversations for generating a restaurant's sales.

"It's the way consumers make decisions," he said, adding that to be a "to be a vibrant brand today, you have to be part of the conversation."

So, how did the rankings shake out? Click ahead to read the full list.

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