Chatter That Matters: 4 Must-Haves for Word-of-Mouth Marketing That Works


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Cultivating a differentiator that's remarkable, relevant, realistic and repeatable is critical in our hypercompetitive marketplace. From there, word-of-mouth marketing takes on a power of its own.

Why your business needs a talk trigger now more than ever.

An effective talk trigger is a differentiating experience or unique twist on a product that compels customers to tell others about it. It might be the warm cookie when checking into a hotel, the humorous hold music or those extra fries overflowing in the to-go bag. Whatever it is, it’s not a one-off. A talk trigger is carefully crafted and woven into how a company engages each customer, every time.

Triggering word-of-mouth marketing is critical in today’s hypercompetitive, highly personalized marketplace. Not only is word of mouth automatically tailored by the talker to fit the perceived needs of listeners, but it is also independent, which adds to its credibility and persuasiveness.

2017 study by Engagement Labs found that 19 percent of consumer purchases in the U.S. are caused by word of mouth, both online and offline. And research conducted by Blanc & Otus and G2 Crowd showed an even greater impact in the business-to-business space due to the higher average prices, longer consideration period and smaller customer pool. Beyond what research can capture, many more purchases are likely substantially influenced by word of mouth, albeit more subtly.


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