Who’s hot, who’s not: Consumer buzz trends as holiday 2021 fast approaches

Bulldog Reporter

Sep 17, 2021 | Marketing, Public Relations


Consumer conversation trends reveal who has the most WOM traction and who needs to take quick corrective action.

For much of the country, late summer means back to school, and end of summer vacations.

For marketers, it means the final push to prepare for holiday 2021. As Adweek recently noted, “The holidays aren’t yet top of mind for most consumers, but brands and retailers know that planning for these make-or-break moments starts now.”

Adweek’s article asked the question, “How Can Brands and Retailers Prepare for the 2021 Holiday Season?”

One missing element in their mix is to understand whether your brand is riding a wave of buzz that will put your brand on everyone’s holiday list—and if so, to build on that momentum. Or, if your buzz is lagging, then no time like the present to take steps to remediate that problem. In either case, leave nothing to chance and don’t delay.

Here then are some of the brands who’s WOM is on the rise, and those that are lagging.


Children’s products

Let’s start with children’s products and retailers, since after all, the holidays are for the kids, right?

For products, Lego is riding the hot hand right now, with 4m+ more offline WOM impressions per week over the past 12 weeks versus the prior 12. OshKosh (+3.6m), Graco (+1.8m), Baby Einstein (+1.4m), Hot Wheels (+1.2m) are all up substantially as well. In terms of children’s retailers, the greatest momentum rests with Gap Kids (+2.4m) and Baby Gap (+2m), Children’s Place (+1.8m), and Honest Company (+920k).

Meanwhile, Fisher-Price has its work cut out for it, with the largest drop in WOM within the category, with -1.78m fewer WOM conversation over the past 12 weeks versus the prior 12. It is joined by NERF (-1.3m), Barbie (-1.3m), American Girl (-740k) and Sesame Street (sorry Big Bird—but your WOM is down by -630k WOM impressions per week).



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