Unlocking the power of the Asian market: Data and strategies for effective engagement

Bulldog Reporter

by Engagement Labs | May 25, 2023

In the spirit of AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) month, brands and media companies have a unique opportunity to tap into the vast potential of the Asian and Asian American market.

According to Pew Research, Asian Americans are the fastest-growing racial or ethnic group in the United States, with their population projected to reach 35 million by 2060. Asian American buying power experienced a remarkable surge of 314% between 2000 and 2019, surpassing the growth in purchasing power observed across all other racial and ethnic categories during the same timeframe, as reported by a Nielsen study.

This dynamic consumer segment represents a significant force in brand conversations and possesses considerable purchasing power. By understanding their preferences, embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), and crafting targeted marketing strategies, businesses can not only drive revenue growth but also foster a more inclusive industry. In this article, we delve into the data, statistics, strategies and best practices for effectively engaging with the Asian segment.


Unlocking the Asian and Asian American Market Insights

Engagement Labs’ latest findings provide valuable insights into the Asian and Asian American consumer segment in the United States. During the period of 12 months ending April 2023, 1,469 Asian respondents ages 13 to 69 participated in a study of consumers’ daily conversations, alongside a total public sample size of 39,865 individuals


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