Top 20 TotalSocial Movers and Shakers: Which sectors had the most improved consumer conversations?

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The TotalSocial “Movers and Shakers” are consumer brands that showed the most improvement over the past year in driving the quantity and quality of consumer conversation—offline and online.

The brands on our “Movers and Shakers” lists are very diverse. The top 20 is comprised of brands from technology, dining, beauty and personal carehousehold products, beverages, retail, automotive, financial, travel and health such as OxiClean, TGI Fridays, ASUS, Toshiba, Orbitz, Acura, LEGO, Motrin, Herbal Essences and Wegmans.

The rankings are based on Engagement Labs’ patented proprietary TotalSocial® data, which continuously measures the most important drivers of brand performance with respect to social media and offline word of mouth conversations. They were identified by brands that had the biggest point increase in their TotalSocial scores from the twelve months ending June 2022 to the twelve months ending June 2021.

Overall most improved: OxiClean, TGI Fridays, Asus, Motrin, Toshiba, Herbal Essences, Lego, AMD, Xbox, Clinique, Mist TWST, Halo, Acura, Charmin, Subaru, AAA, Comet, Wegmans, Lamborghini, and Advil

Secret to social influence: Talkability

As different as the Movers & Shakers brands are, they have a key factor in common, and it’s why they’ve all earned a top spot in our rankings. That factor is talkability, which is the ability to motivate consumers to discuss and share news, marketing and other information about your brand.



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