Both online and offline conversations drive brand success: Here are the leaders in each category

Bulldog Reporter


by Richard Carufel | Mar 16, 2023


How comprehensive is your brand’s “talkability”? If your focus is overly digital—as many brands now embrace in the post-pandemic age—you may be missing the opportunity to engage an entire sector of conversation starters. New research from data and analytics firm Engagement Labs shows how online and offline conversations are distinct from one another and usually have no correlation. Despite both types of conversations having an impact that leads to sales and business outcomes, they do so in different ways—necessitating different marketing strategies.

The firm’s sixth annual ranking of America’s “most loved” brands reveals this distinction. Trader Joe’s, the American grocery store, ranks first while LEGO, the iconic toy manufacturer, moved up to the second top spot of the list of brands most positively talked about in offline conversations, ahead of more than 650 brands across all consumer categories. Meanwhile, American Family Insurance holds the top position for the most loved brands in online talk, while Lush moved to the number two spot.

“The TotalSocial Most Loved Brands this year showcase the enduring, strong emotional bond between consumers and the brands they love. Consumers are passionate about brands, and this generates brand talk,” said Steven M Brown, president of Engagement Labs, in a news release. “Our data reveals the importance of earning positive talk and recommendations from consumers goes beyond connecting with them and delivering great experiences—brands that deliver become beloved. Our work with Fortune 500 brands has consistently emphasized the importance of cultivating brand love to maximize marketing ROI, and this focus will continue throughout 2023.”



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