Brands and politics: As campaigning ramps up this week, the deeply polarized state of US affairs could drag down a quarter of Fortune 500 brands

Bulldog Reporter


The seemingly never-ending electioneering in America is about to ramp up again as Republican candidates take the stage for the first debate of the 2024 Presidential election cycle. The divisive and often dangerous impact that US politics is having on citizens is clearly undeniable, but that impact has also been crossing over to consumerism and branding—and whether they brought it upon themselves or not, some of the country’s biggest brands could be damaged in the fallout.

A new research report from data and analytics firm Engagement Labs reveals the extent to which polarized politics in America is impacting major consumer brands, creating a new challenge for brand communicators eager to attract consumers across the political spectrum. The firm’s new Brand Marketing Amid Political Polarization report, based on consumer conversation data for nearly 500 brands, finds the conversations relating to almost a quarter (23 percent) of brands are polarized between the warring Republicans and Democrats.

The timely new report comes in the wake of a politically controversial video featuring a trans influencer, Dylan Mulvaney, which provoked boycotts and outrage on social media. Also, after Bud Light lost its first-place ranking in the beer market, the brand’s parent company, AB InBev, placed members of its marketing team on leave and revamped its approach.


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