Bravo- Diet Cola Lovers: Drink Up, Because Diet Soda’s Days May Be Numbered

Remember diet soda? That fizzy, filling, fake-sweet stuff that made you feel like you could eat whatever you want, because drinking a diet cola is just like deleting all those calories from your cheeseburger-and-fries lunch? (Except not.)

Well, don't panic, because it's not dead yet—but diet soda's days may be numbered if current trends continue. A company called Engagement Labs recently employed a tool known as TotalSocial to examine consumer conversations about brands and categories. The company found that while people seem to be talking about regular soft drinks, talk about diet soft drinks is starting to fizzle out.

More specifically, Diet Pepsi, Coca Cola Zero and Diet Dr. Pepper are getting considerably less buzz than non-diet counterparts like Coca-Cola, Sprite and Pepsi.

What's behind this? For one thing, artificial sweeteners are getting a lot of bad press lately, with some recent data suggesting a link between artificial sweeteners and obesity. “One plausible reason is that artificial sweeteners will trigger the part of the brain that craves sugar, without providing the true sweet nutrient, and therefore they do not satisfy the cravings, leading us to consume more,” Dr. Adrienne Youdim, MD, tells The Feast.

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