A Beauty Nation Divided: How Polarized Politics Are Impacting The Industry





Beauty is undoubtedly political—from the writings of journalist Darian Symoné Harvin to bold campaigns by DameSaie and The Lipstick Lobby—but how are politics potentially affecting beauty? There is undoubtedly a need to address the geographical nuances of the US beauty consumer, with politics being one facet of this. In the lead-up to the first 2024 Presidential Election primary debates, data and analytics firm Engagement Labs decided to dive into the impact of polarized politics on consumer brands with their Brand Marketing Amid Political Polarization report.

The enterprise gathered offline consumer conversation data through weekly surveys for consumers aged 18 to 69 from almost 500 brands, collected via the TotalSocial platform. Offline conversations were specifically chosen as they constitute two-thirds of consumer conversations, according to the company. Analyzed industries ranged from food to fashion, with the beauty and personal care factor only being represented by Kirkland. They found that 23% of the companies are polarized between Democrats and Republicans. Here are further key takeaways from the report:

Republican vs. Democratic Sentiment

  • Coca-Cola, Gucci, and Lay’s Chips had equal sentiment for both political leanings.
  • Kirkland, Olive Garden, and Shein had the highest positive Republican sentiment.
  • DiGiorno, Vanguard, and Meijer had the highest positive Democrat sentiment.



Read the full BeautyMatter article, here.

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