How to Beat Amazon in the War for Consumer Conversations and Retail Dominance

What Retailers like Target, Macy’s and Kohl’s are Doing Right in the War Against Amazon for Consumer Conversations and Retail Dominance; According to an Analysis by Engagement Labs on Word of Mouth and Social Media Conversations, Several Retailers Are Outperforming Amazon

Amazon’s impact on the retail industry is undeniable – each and every retailer now competes with the e-Commerce giant. And, rightfully so, according to Engagement Labs, Amazon dominates consumer conversations and is the focus of more consumer talk than any other retail brand, which equates to increased sales.

At the time of this announcement, Ed Keller, CEO, Engagement Labs, said, “While it is obvious that Amazon is redefining the retail industry, there is still tremendous opportunity for retailers to compete.”


Read the full MarTech Series article, here.

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