Are consumers living in a “political brand bubble?” Quiz yourself.

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by Bulldog Reporter | Oct 26, 2018

Today’s polarized political environment is increasingly impacting brand marketers, illustrated in dramatic fashion by Nike’s decision to launch a controversial campaign featuring ex-NFL player and anthem-kneeling pioneer Colin Kaepernick. So far, the ad campaign has led to higher sales and company stock price, despite many pundits’ predictions of a negative backlash. It appears Nike’s deep understanding of its target market was a key factor in the initial success of the campaign, as its share of positive word of mouth grew.


The intersection between brand marketing and politics is illustrated in a new way as social intelligence data and analytics company Engagement Labs has released an online quiz based on its data indicating that the advocates of many brands also lean strongly toward either Democrats or Republicans.


“Some brand allegiances are obvious, such as Democrats recommending MSNBC and Republicans recommending Fox News among cable news channels. But many other brands have advocates who lean red or blue as well, and are harder to guess,” said Engagement Labs’ chief commercial officer Brad Fay, in a news release. “Do Republicans or Democrats recommend Allstate for insurance? What about State Farm? And which party’s supporters are more likely to travel booking sites and Trivago? These are all brands that lean red or blue, and factor into the new Engagement Labs quiz.”



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