Adweek – These Are the Oscar Ads and Moments Viewers Paid Attention to the Most at Home – People loved Leo’s win and Kohl’s ads

February 28, 2016
by Tim Baysinger, Adweek

Lady Gaga's chilling performance drew the best response from viewers. Getty Images

It may not have won Best Original Song, but Lady Gaga's show-stopping performance of "Til It Happens to You" from The Hunting Ground documentary was the top moment during a politically charged Oscars Sunday night.

According to TV measurement firm TVision, Gaga's rendition of her song about sexual abuse, which ended with numerous survivors joining Gaga on stage, scored the highest positive attention of any moment on Sunday.

The performance, which came near the end of the roughly three-and-a-half-hour telecast, scored a 2.00 rating on TVision's Positive Attention Index, which combines the total amount of time viewers are watching the TV set with the number of times a viewer smiles per minute. Vice President Joe Biden's introduction of his "good friend" Gaga had the fourth highest score on the index with 1.47.

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